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Osceola Health is committed to providing all the information possible about healthy living. In the endeavor to have a healthy living and healthy lifestyle, Osceola Health has partnered with the some best talents in the medical and health sector to provide valuable information to the people.

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Disease Control

Text: Osceola Health is taking all possible measures to educate people regarding disease control.

Environmental Health

The environment that we live contribute a lot for the diseases that are transmitted. A healthy environment results in healthy living.

Women's Health Service

Women are prone to particular disease because of their biological functioning. Approach Osceola Health fro any assistance on women's health.

Sexual Transmitted Disease

We are taking special steps and conducting camps to spread the awareness of the sexually transmitted disease, especially to the kids and the younger generation.

Information - Prevention

Clinical Prevention

Awareness is being created among the people about the diseases that can be prevented by some clinical methods like vaccination.

Environmental Health

It is our duty to preserve the environment and contribute in every way possible to have a healthy environment around us.

Tobacco Prevention

There is a rapid increase in the use of tobacco especially among youngsters. We are taking all possible steps to create awareness about tobacco usage.

Nutrition Health

Most of the people do not have proper knowledge about nutrition. There are certain essential nutrients that our body needs for healthy survival. We make it a point to educate people.

Our Blog

9 Ways to Prevent Disease – Health Essentials


Prevention has always won its brownie points over cure – so why not take efforts towards this ‘prevention’ to ensure you live a hale and hearty life that’s disease free? And life’s too precious to waste it just like that by falling sick time and again! So here are a few tips you need to implement in your lifestyle, which is sure to make a difference in life:

Begin your day with a dose of what you love the most:
I won’t go all traditional and say drink a glass of lemon water with a spoonful of honey in it – but what I’m going to do is give you options! You can choose from the first option that I just talked about, or start off your day with a cup full of gooseberry juice. Another option is chewing two raw garlic cloves and drinking lukewarm water over it. Choose one of these three or alternate this every three days and watch the difference it makes in your health!

Quit addictions:
Most of the lung and liver ailments are caused due to abuse of smoking and alcohol. If you’re addicted to anything that you know is harmful to your health, you need to get away from it as fast as possible. It’s tough, but not impossible – more importantly, you owe it to yourself.

Sleep early, rise early:
Sleeping soon, on time and not wasting your precious night’s sleep on browsing through the internet or binge-watching shows is very important. Getting proper sleep is a great way to boost your body’s immunity, making it more productive and disease resistant. Waking up early will help you find time to do all the things you love! Great way to start and end your day!

Exercise every day:
Okay, I know every day is a lot to ask  – but hey, your body deserves it! Working out in some form or the other is essential – it’s not necessary you go in for high-intensity cardio every day. A nice long walk early in the morning is just perfect. Just get your body up and moving every day – you’ll be grateful for this time you invest in yourself!


Watch what goes in:
Binging into junk food once a while is fun. But you need to realize that it’s no more fun when you get habituated to eating junk food often. Ditch those processed foods, all the sugary stuff and switch over to raw, unprocessed and healthy stuff.

De-stress yourself:
Most of the diseases are caused due to excess stress – and the solution is pretty
simple, distress yourself! Pick a hobby or something that you love to do and works as a therapy for you. It will help you relax when you are super stressed!

Watch your weight:

Another primary cause that leads to entry for lifestyle diseases. Keeping a tab on your weight and maintaining a healthy BMI is important. And you know what to do to maintain your weight – exercise and eat healthily!

Get yourself checked:
Make sure you don’t miss those scheduled visits to your doctor. This will help you keep a tab on yourself in a better way. Also, your doctor will be in a better position to help you know your deficiencies and work on them quickly.

Give yourself time:
Taking a break from your hectic schedule once a while is quite important – you cannot afford to work yourself out to an extent where you have no time for yourself. Ensure you have enough spanned breaks to help you relax and then get back with a bang!

Cancer prevention: 7 Tips to reduce your risk

Cancer prevention

Cancer is one of the deadliest diseases, that affects millions across the world. And most of the times, more than genetic factors, it’s the lifestyle of the current generation that’s responsible for the rapid pace this disease is spreading it. What can you do to prevent cancer and reduce your risk of getting affected by this life-threatening disease? Read on:

  1. Exercise:
    Exercising has proved to be beneficial in generating cancer preventing agents in the body. Studies have noted that those who don’t exercise at all are exposed to a higher risk of cancer of the colon, kidneys, breast, and lung. Try to include exercise in your daily routine and make sure you stick to it.
  2. Regular check-up:
    Even perfectly healthy people, living healthy lives can go down to cancer. What you can do to prevent this is to get yourself regularly checked. Detection of cancer at initial stages is easier to treat, and the treatment is successful too. So don’t skip those routine checkups.
  3. Safe sex:
    Limiting your number of sexual partners will make you less exposed to sexually transmitted cancer risk. Also, practicing safe sex is very important as those with AIDS are more susceptible to contracting cancer.
  4. Avoid substance abuse:
    Whether it’s smoking, alcohol or drug – use and abuse of everything increases your cancer risk. So cut down and eventually quit the use of these cancer-producing substances. Also, make sure you don’t share needles. These small things matter a lot, so do take the appropriate care.cancer-prevention-in-kitchen-tips
  5. Use sunscreen:
    Skin cancer is on the rise and protecting your skin from the harmful UV rays is essential. Slather on some sunscreen and make sure your exposed skin is protected from direct sunlight. Avoid outdoors in the afternoon sun and if it’s unavoidable, ensure you are adequately covered.
  6. Diet:
    What you eat has a significant impact on your health, so watch what goes in. Though there is no strong link established between diet and cancer risk, you can always take care not to dump junk in your body. Opt for fresher, healthy and unprocessed stuff.
  7. Get those shots:
    Getting immunized against certain sexually transmitted diseases is essential. Get your shots for Hepatitis B and HPV and increase your protection against cancer.


How to Deal with Diabetes

Deal with Diabetes

Many people have diabetes and not know how to deal with them and how to live with them. Here are some ways on how you can deal with diabetes and carry on with your daily lives and schedules:

  1. Take your medication-

It is so obvious that there is no need to mention it, but it has the biggest impact on anyone who has diabetes. Insulin, whether in injections or a pump for type 1 diabetics or pill form for people with type 1 diabetes is life-saving. Take your medication on time, and you can live a long, healthy, happy life with diabetes. Do not take your medication and you can get very ill, very fast.


  1. Eat a healthy diet

Eating healthy food is a crucial aspect for anyone with a diabetic condition. People with diabetes do not have to eat any special ‘diabetes diet,’ but they have to eat a healthy diet that we should all be eating including little to no fast food, fizzy drinks, junk food, sweets, and cakes. Along with lots of fresh vegetables, good quality proteins, some fruit, the right kind of fats and a small number of whole grain carbs. We all know that refined carbohydrates like pasta and white rice and doughnuts and cookies are bad for our health as diabetics, it is vital to understand this and respect it. That is not to say there is no room for any treats in life.

  1. Exercise regularly-

Moderate exercise three times each week is the way to a stable life with diabetes. We can always discover 30 minutes three times each week to go for a walk, or complete a yoga class, or run around the square. What’s more, in the long haul, that will be greatly improved for your wellbeing than one major gym session once every week.

  1. Manage your stress-

Stress is terrible for everyone, but it is particularly bad for those people suffering from diabetes because it releases the hormone called hormone cortisol, which inhibits the effects of insulin which means the high blood sugar, which makes you feel tired and crank as well as stressed. You can always prefer to find out that short meditations (five minutes or less) work wonders for many stress levels.

Deal with Diabetes

  1. Get enough sleep-

It is really important for people with a diabetic condition to get enough sleep. Not only they have the mental and energy clarity to deal with life along with a chronic illness on top of everything else in your life, but due to the fact while you sleep your body clears out the cortisol from the system. As we already know that too much cortisol is bad for blood sugar.


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