Environmental Health

Arbovirus Surveillance

The Osceola County Health Department monitors the activity of St. Louis Encephalitis and other arthropod borne viruses, through sentinel flocks. There are approximately 8 – 10 chicken flocks located in strategic locations across the county. Trained County Health Personnel routinely draw blood from these flocks, to be analyzed for the presence of arthropod borne viruses. If present, other agencies are properly notified to combat mosquito population, and to take proper precautions.

Biomedical Waste

The Department of Health oversees biomedical waste to assure proper identification, segregation, containment storage, and labeling of biomedical waste. Any items soiled by body fluids, such as blood and blood products, are considered to be contaminated waste and must be disposed of in accordance with state regulations.

Drinking Water Quality

Water systems serving greater than 25 people or has 15 service connections are regulated by the Department of Environmental Protection. Other water systems less than 25 people or less than 15 service connections are permitted and inspected by the Osceola County Health Department. The system operators/owners sample for bacteria quarterly and lead/nitrate every 3 to 5 years.