Cancer prevention: 7 Tips to reduce your risk

Cancer is one of the deadliest diseases, that affects millions across the world. And most of the times, more than genetic factors, it’s the lifestyle of the current generation that’s responsible for the rapid pace this disease is spreading it. What can you do to prevent cancer and reduce your risk of getting affected by this life-threatening disease? Read on:

  1. Exercise:
    Exercising has proved to be beneficial in generating cancer preventing agents in the body. Studies have noted that those who don’t exercise at all are exposed to a higher risk of cancer of the colon, kidneys, breast, and lung. Try to include exercise in your daily routine and make sure you stick to it.
  2. Regular check-up:
    Even perfectly healthy people, living healthy lives can go down to cancer. What you can do to prevent this is to get yourself regularly checked. Detection of cancer at initial stages is easier to treat, and the treatment is successful too. So don’t skip those routine checkups.
  3. Safe sex:
    Limiting your number of sexual partners will make you less exposed to sexually transmitted cancer risk. Also, practicing safe sex is very important as those with AIDS are more susceptible to contracting cancer.
  4. Avoid substance abuse:
    Whether it’s smoking, alcohol or drug – use and abuse of everything increases your cancer risk. So cut down and eventually quit the use of these cancer-producing substances. Also, make sure you don’t share needles. These small things matter a lot, so do take the appropriate care.cancer-prevention-in-kitchen-tips
  5. Use sunscreen:
    Skin cancer is on the rise and protecting your skin from the harmful UV rays is essential. Slather on some sunscreen and make sure your exposed skin is protected from direct sunlight. Avoid outdoors in the afternoon sun and if it’s unavoidable, ensure you are adequately covered.
  6. Diet:
    What you eat has a significant impact on your health, so watch what goes in. Though there is no strong link established between diet and cancer risk, you can always take care not to dump junk in your body. Opt for fresher, healthy and unprocessed stuff.
  7. Get those shots:
    Getting immunized against certain sexually transmitted diseases is essential. Get your shots for Hepatitis B and HPV and increase your protection against cancer.